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DJ Academy - Birmingham


Pick Time Slot | 11AM - 2PM


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DJ Academy - Birmingham


Pick Time Slot

11AM - 2PM

  • Product Description

      Birmingham dates - 2 day course - August 11th & 12th

      AM & PM classes available


      Do you want to be a DJ?

      Our DJ crash course will help you get to a high standard very quickly.

      We will provide a high level of tuition from top artists in the Drum & Bass scene


      DJ's teaching the course will be:

      ☆ DJ Blackley

      ☆ Ego Trippin

      ☆ Logan D


      How the course works? 

      The course is made up of 4 parts.. 


      1 - Introduction video - A link will be sent 1 week prior to the first practical lesson


      2 - 3 hour practical lesson (Paired up with 1 other student) on 11th August


      3 - In Depth Video - A link will be sent to you after completing your first practical lesson


      4 - 3 hour practical lesson (Paired up with 1 other student) on 12th August


      What you will achieve by the end of this course?

      ✅ Low Down Deep - DJ Pass Certificate

      ✅ The ability and confidence to mix tracks together

      ✅ A detailed understanding of how to use the equipment and software

      ✅ An extensive knowledge of musical structure


      You will also receive

      ✅ Annual subscription for Low Down Deep & Subway Soundz (worth £99)

      ✅ Annual subscription for Cre8dnb (worth £60)


      Our courses will be held at Pirate Studios. They are kitted out with high end equipment, the same equipment you will find at most top clubs around the world


      This course will be taught using the following equipment and software!

      ☆ 2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2

      ☆ 1 x Pioneer DJM 900NXS2

      ☆ Sennheiser HD25 II Headphones

      ☆ Pioneer Rekordbox



      Pirate Studios Manchester address

      2, 77 Upper Trinity St
      B9 4EG
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