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‘Time waits for no man.’
…And this man has wasted no time!
Energetic, dedicated, passionate and fully self motivated by his hunger for success, this guy is setting new levels!
With his latest project ‘Hunger Games, Catching Fire’ seeing him join forces with legendary players in the game; Skibadee & Shabba D (S.A.S). Right now Turno is really showing hunger for the game!
“Turno, now cemented himself into the Drum & Bass fraternity with wiiiiiiiiiked music covering all aspects of the scene, taking his brand to new heights!” – Nicky Blackmarket (DJ)
“I remember this guy handing me CDs with twenty tunes in dances. You could see the determination and passion within him back then and you just knew that one day he was going to be a regular face within the Drum & Bass scene. Turnos commitment is next level and his hard work is now paying off as you can hear in your latest productions where he’s stepped right up. I’m pretty sure that with his versatility and drive he’s got so much more to come.” – Majistrate (DJ/Producer/Label Owner)
“Turno is one of the leading names of the new generation of Drum & Bass artists, both as a first rate producer and a DJ that entertains the crowd… this is why he has become a resident at our events.” – Bridge (Def:inition & Breakin Science)
Having the full support and encouragement from some of the biggest players in the Drum & Bass scene, Turno is eternally grateful. After studying Music at College, attending University to study Music Technology and investigating the scene as much as he could – it really has spun him some favours. As much as he deserves every part of his success so far and the backing he has, he has a respectable, humble approach to his career. With his positive attitude having the biggest part to play in his success, Turno truly believes that you can have anything in life if you’re willing to work for it, and never stop until you have it. “I would rather try and fail than fail and have never tried”, says Turno – a quote that we should all live by if we believe we want something enough. Not being shy of hard work, Turno knows that nothing will happen in life unless you make it. Turno’s attitude to his life, career and overall genuine belief in never stopping until you have what you want, is truly inspiring.
Starting his DJ career early on at the age of fourteen, Turno was forced to choose Music Technology as an option at School after all the other subjects were taken. Little did he know back then this was probably the best decision of his life.
Like most DJ’s Turno started out with the very basics. Initially, starting his career by mixing with a pair of IMG Stage Line Belt Drive turntables in 2003 after buying them from a friend, along with five to six vinyl’s that saw Turno repeatedly play to practice his mixing technique. With the likes of ‘Addicted to Bass’ by Pure Tone and ‘Keep ya Heads Ringing’ by Dr. Dre constantly being blasted out by Turno (this is one of the few times that he would openly admit himself that he clanged his way through a set!), its no wonder his Mum went out and bought him something new to play, and these were to be the first drum & bass vinyl records that Turno would own; ‘Blandwagon Poo’s’ by John B and ‘Torture Chamber’ by Friction. These two records alone potentially part created the artist that we now have in Turno.
Turno had set his goals high from the off. He never doubted how successful he would be; he knew with the right work ethic and correct attitude – he would undoubtedly get to where he wanted to be. When looking at his inspirations at the time, the likes of Hazard, Twisted Individual, G-Dub, Pleasure & Sly – these all had a big part to play in Turno’s mould, without them even knowing it Turno was quickly infiltrating himself into the same sub genre and little did they know that he would come through as quick as he has.
Hazard, for Turno, was the biggest motivational DJ/Producer that had the most influence on Turno. Perhaps not his mixing technique – Hazard has more structural definition on his beat matching, Turno emulates but through a different style of mixing; known for his robust, high energy sets with frequent edits to keep the listener engaged through drops that see him go through tune after tune after tune! When you experience a Turno set, you really feel that he has explored his genre well!
The beautiful thing about Turno is that he genuinely loves the people; he creates a journey for the listener. He reaches out with his music because he wants to intrigue people with his sound. Seeing the reaction to people listening to his music is what has really pushed him to move forward, this is why he started making beats in the first place; the people. Turno is a born entertainer, he is a performer and if you meet him, you will know why – his pleasant, respectful demeanour is enhanced with his quirky humour and playful antics.
With his first 12” vinyl release back in 2011 on CKB’s label – Class A Recordingz. The aptly named ‘Dreams’ (B side – Eagles Claw) fast became hot property on the scene. Turno knew then that this was his mapped out path; his forte, and realised that maybe fate had a hand to play when dishing out the options at school. Since the release of Dreams, Turno has produced a variety of tunes, remixes and collaborated with MC’s and DJ’s in the drum & bass scene, who he only once dreamed about working with. These have included; Dominator, Logan D, Sly, Majistrate, Pasco, Levela, Jaydan, Annix, Dubmotion, Profile, Caski, Ruffstuff, Friller, Voltage, Stormin, Trigga, Spyda, Zedo, Fun, Skiba & Shabba – to name a few! With releases on Shadow Demon Records like ‘No Jokin’ feat. MC Trigga, Sly & Pasco feat. David Boomah ‘Bad up the town’ (Turno remix) and more recently released on Low Down Deep Recordings; a remix of Pasco’s ‘Release the Hounds’, it’s a no brainer why Turno is the new generation of sort after producers for old and new music heads alike.
“Turno has been making waves in the D&B scene for a few years now and as we are big fans of his music we thought it was about time he made something for our label. Now, Turno is probably best known for his more Jump Up style tracks, so we asked him to try something different, something that might fit the Serial Killaz ethos. What we didn’t expect was this disgusting slice of filth. Utilising old skool samples, ragga vocals and a militant bass and drum work out, this one – quite rightly – has already grabbed the attention of Hazard, Bryan G and Randall, with many more to follow. This will make up part of his forthcoming E.P. on our very own Serial Killaz imprint, and will be available early next year”. – Serial Killaz UK (Turno – Badman Nah Beg Fren’ )
When asked on what Turno thought was his biggest achievements to date were…… he really couldn’t define just one, “it’s so hard to pick just one from the many I feel I have”. Spoken from someone who genuinely feels blessed to have had the experiences he has had so far. So, after narrowing down the list, Turno thought to mention the achievements he felt had had the most impact on him personally. First and foremost, “Being able to do music full time” – Turno, after 2 years since his first release, was able to turn to music full time and handed his notice in working as an insurance executive for his Dad’s business. “I could’ve worked my way through the business to one day run it, but this isn’t what I wanted, I wanted to create my own legacy”, spoken from a truly dedicated music man and someone that wants to create his own path in life.
Next on the achievement list is DJ Hazard playing ‘Badman Nah Beg Fren’ at Warning in October 2014, ‘Man was FULLY gassed’ says Turno, “seeing someone you have been self-encouraged by for the last 5 years play your tune is indescribable!”
Playing at Zoo for Sunbeatz Ibiza and being asked by Mickey Finn and Darren Jay to present the last two Sunbeatz promotional videos. Yellow Night that was selected by Grooverider on Radio 1 as his ‘rewind track’ in August 2011, Elements Festival (Belgium), and more recently; a fifteen minute guest mix for Crissy Criss (Radio 1xtra) alongside being invited to his last show as the only up and coming Jump Up artist in attendance…… the list could go on!
Turno says that the one thing that made him realise he has worked his way through and is coming up as planned, is when he put forward an idea of a project to Skibadee and Shabba and they agreed to record a studio mix with him. This moment defined him not only as a DJ/Producer, but it was a personal moment of validation – that he had made the right choices so far.
“Before I listen to this, I’m glad Turno got to step & select for this, as I believe he’s got the attributes to be around for the next 10 years!” – Harry Shotta (MC)
With Turno only being on the scene since 2011, it’s refreshing to know that in three years you really make an imprint in to the scene when you have the right way about you along with the bags of talent (and dubplates) like Turno has.
Now he has moved on from his IMG Stage Line Direct Drives and has glided forward with technology, expect big things from Turno! He has a lot under his Gucci belt already, let alone what is set to come…. Like his Italian heritage, he is passionate, distinctive and always has more to give! Anticipate Turno to be a household name in the scene for many years to come because he is bringing his brand to eventually take over the world!
‘Time Is Now’.