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Filthy Habits

Filthy Habits, a duo based in the Midlands consisting of Andy Burley & Steve Roberts, Started DJing in 2007 on the club circuit learning their craft, then in 2009 started to learn how to produce their own music with a first release in 2011 on MC Juiceman & Spexions label (Audio Espionage), continuing to learn and apply new techniques to their music production, gaining recognition from the likes of Class A Recordings, Murky Digital, HighR8 Digital, Smokescreen which led onto having many releases on G13 Records. Fast forward to now after working with various artists along the way, they now have a fast growing fanbase and support from their peers, cementing themselves on the DJ circuit playing shows in the UK and across Europe at events such as Glastonbury, Invaderz, Random Concept, Raveology, Breakin Science and now having releases on G4N, RC Origins, Sweet Tooth, Bites, Bio Beats, Subway Soundz, Zombie Records, Calypso, Colab Recordings, now also moving forward with Low Down Deep and having many releases lined up, they will surely continue to rise in the Drum and Bass industry. A true testament of working hard and persistance, to get to acheiving your goals. The future is looking very promising for these guys.